"You can’t just look at someone and guess their sexuality. There’s no point in assuming that every gay man has just one personality type."

Cameron Monaghan (via infamoussayings)


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How To Fight Fair



Fighting is a part of all kinds of relationships. Fighting can actually prove to be healthy and strengthen the relationship, if done right. Here are some ways on how you can fight fair.

Our favorite tip is number 5! 

How To Fight Fair



All I can say is pray, and for the love of all you hold close to you and holy, spread the good pictures of James Foley and stories of the good he’s done. Do NOT spread the videos or screencaps, DO NOT WATCH IT.

Do not let ISIS get what they want and do not let the horrible atrocity they’ve committed be the way James Foley is remembered. Honor him and all his amazing work, honor his family and their wishes. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Let the way James Foley is remembered be a good one.

Lastly, keep the other captives and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for Steven Sotloff, the suspected second journalist shown at the end of the video- to be used as a threat, a warning by ISIS, pray these monsters are dealt the punishment they deserve and their victims a safe and quick release back home.